Balls for special valves.

Special balls for valves are all those balls that require extra processes to make your valves even more perfect:

  • Double seat of the spindle
  • Discharge holes at 45°
  • Third or fourth passage holes for complex circuits
  • Single-directional passage at 90°
  • Internal machining for pressure, temperature or other sensor seats
  • Internal machining for flow rate regulator seats.
  • Square, hexagonal, octagonal broaching
  • Special CNC machining, etc.

Our special balls

90° passage ball

3-way ball with double groove and double milling

Ball with 45° discharge hole

Ball for check-valves

Ball for check-valves

Ball for sprinkler valves

3-way blind balls

4-way special balls

Flow rate regulator balls with double hexagonal broaching

Flow rate regulator ball

Ball with 4 milled ways with planes