LA B&G is the only company that manages the entire production process for valve balls in-house. We use galvanic finishes for T.E.A. PLUS ® coatings.

No-one else manages the entire production of balls for valves in-house, especially the galvanic balls treatment, which is the cardinal point for the definition of extremely perfect balls for valves. At the end of machining, the balls undergo a surface treatment for chrome plating, nickel plating, Teflon application and T.E.A. PLUS ® coating. The galvanic balls treatment of the balls for valves is the final process that determines their perfection.

That is why LA B&G has built up over the years its own plant for the various chrome plating processes, with coatings for valve balls that can even reach Ni thicknesses of 40 µm. In addition to this special galvanic treatment LA B&G has installed a line for T.E.A. PLUS ® coating of valve balls. This coating does not allow your balls for valves to release any environmentally harmful substances, such as lead or nickel.